Houten photobooth [koop]


  • 2 point LED modelling illumination,
  • 200Ws flash lamp with beauty dish (radio release),
  • All In One ASUS A41GAT computer with 16″ touchscreen,
  • CANON EOS  camera with 18-55mm lens, 8GB memory card and fixed power supply,
  • Dye sublimation printer with start consumables,
  • Photo booth software with interface package and printout templates
  • Dimensions and weight:  52x52x47cm – 30 kg
  • Other features: option to change the brightness intensiveness, printer in the photobooth body, pull-out drawer for easy replacement of consumables, 2 mounting points for the flash lamp (on top and on the side), this allows, e.g. for installation of a photo booth in vehicles like VW T2
  • Levertermijn: 6 weken
  • Prijzen zijn exclusief BTW
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