Renting a photobooth in the Netherlands? Hire 1 of 250+ booths, from €159 & up

Are you looking to rent a photobooth in the Netherlands? Perhaps in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven The Hague or Utrecht? Or perhaps hire a photobooth some place else for a congress, product launch or company party? No worries, whether it is for a wedding or a corporate event, we have got you covered: this is the place to hire the right photobooth! Maybe you’re an expat and you much rather search in English than in Dutch, we’re here to help you. Obviously, we also have english speaking customer service and photobooth operators.

Finding the right photobooth to rent

You can ask us for advice as we are in daily contact with all the rental companies and know about their experience, quality, prices, availability, location, competences and other options such as social sharing, backdrops and customization. Simply whatsapp us at +31612750976 or email us at

If you fill in the contact form below, we will provide you with 2-3 quotes of competent, affordable and available photobooth operators, based on your requirements:

    Closed photobooth (starts at €450)Open photobooth (starts at €300)Magic mirror booth (starts at €450)360 video (starts at €550)Photobooth on wheels, e.g. VW bus, caravan (starts at €600)Greenscreen (starts at €450)GIF photobooth (starts at €200)Videobooth (starts at €200)Photobooth without prints (starts at €200)Marquee XL LED light letters (starts at €45 per letter)

    WeddingMarketingCompany partyFestival/FairBirthdayOther

    Modern / NeutralVintage

    How to use this site to hire the photbooth of your preferences?

    When you click here, you will find the shop page which showcases all the different photobooths that are available in the Netherlands, including prices. If you click on any profile you will be able to see more pictures, read more information (regrettably it’s in Dutch, but you can use Google translate to get the gist of it), and you can fill in a contact form. By using the contact form, you will request a quote and availability from the supplier directly. It is not a final booking yet!

    In the shop there are a number of filters which you can use to filter through all photobooths.

    The first filter after the obvious ‘prices’, is the type of photobooth you are looking for, which is basically the overview we will end this article with, for example the open and closed photobooth, GIF booth, 360 videobooth, regular videobooth, greenscreen, as well as the popular ‘photobooth on wheels’, situated in a caravan or a Volkswagen bus.

    Then there are a few more filters which you can use:

    • Next is ‘Style’ (‘Stijl’): which allows you to filter wood (‘hout’), Modern / Neutral (‘Modern / Neutraal’), Inflatable (‘Opblaasbaar’) and Vintage.
    • “Dichtbij” refers to the home base of the operator
    • “Beschikbaar in” refers to all the photobooths that are being delivered in the province of your event. Most photobooth rental companies deliver throughout the Netherlands and virtually all photobooth rental companies definitely deliver in the most heavily urbanized part of the Netherlands, North-Holland, South-Holland and Utrecht, where most of the major cities, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht are located as well as numerous smaller ones.
    • “Camera”: will tell you the type of equipment used (e.g. mirrorless camera, Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR), iPad, webcam, iPhone etc.

    We hope these filters and sorting options (by price or popularity) helps you in your search. Please do reach out to us if you have any questions and we can leverage our expertise and knowledge of the Dutch photobooth hire market on your behalf (no charges apply).

    8 cheap photobooths to hire under €300

    If you’re looking for a cheap photobooth, we have a number of options for you, depending on your location, you will have more or less choice as not every operators delivers in the whole of the Netherlands and some actually require you to pick up the photobooths yourself! But under €300 from a reputable operators is the best deal we’ve seen, especially with inflation soaring!

    Photobooth [Hoofddorp]

    €175 korting!
    Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €425.Huidige prijs is: €250.

    What type of photobooths are available in the Netherlands? is the largest photobooth comparison site in the Netherlands, and has over 100 separate photobooth rental companies listed, with over 250+ different photobooths. Below you will find the most common categories. Most of the photobooths are sold in packages, which means the price includes most of the things you are looking for, although sometimes travel expenses are not included as the vary between clients, based on their location. When this is the case, it makes sense to find a photobooth near your party venue, rather than across the country (even though the Netherlands is pretty small, those travel expenses still rack up and are better spend on something else :-):

    1. ‘Closed’ photobooth with walls and/or curtains
    2. ‘Open photobooth’ on a pole, pillar or standard
    3. Magic mirror photobooth
    4. 360º degrees video spinner booth > currently very popular!
    5. GIF photobooths, including 3D GIF
    6. Video booth
    7. Greenscreen photobooths
    8. Volkswagen photobooth bus
    9. Caravan photobooth
    10. Digital photobooth (without printer)

    We also have some accessories:

    1. XL Marquee light letters with LED lightning

    The ‘original’ (closed) photobooth

    You can find many closed photobooths with either walls or curtains in which to hide for a few pictures! These typically come with assistance, but not always, which is great when you look for privacy! You will typically hire them from the photobooth hire companies for 3 or 4 hours (with host) or up to 24 hours (without a host). 24 hour rental simply means the photobooth is delivered a day in advance or picked up the day after the party has ended.

    The ‘open’ photobooth

    Even though it is still called a photobooth, the ‘camera on a pole or pillar / standard’ is not really a booth in the traditional sense. It is great if you want to have as many people as possible in front of a camera. Th ‘open photo booth‘ category is also where you will find cheap and affordable photobooths as many photobooth hire companies offer budget models. Some even come without a printer to really shave costs off the price and can be hired for as little as just below €200! For a simple budget option with a printer, expect to pay around €300 for a DIY (do-it-yourself) model and €350 – €400 for a more all-in package and better looks 🙂

    The mirror photobooth

    The magic mirror photobooth is relatively new on the scene and a great choice if you have seen the regular booths as more than just a few weddings already. They are large mirrors with a camera and printer hidden inside. The surface of the mirror is also a screen and allows you to write on it, which will get added to your pictures and prints! The mirror also shows funny animations and makes sure every shot is a funny one!

    The 360 degrees videobooth ‘spinner’

    This is a relatively new introduction on the Dutch photobooth landscape, but the 360 spinner booth is quickly gaining ground and becoming popular for party animals who have now seen all the other types of photobooths and magic mirrors on multiple parties! The way it works is that you are asked to stand (and dance and swing and shake) on a platform, while a camera ‘swirls’ around you and records you in. The video is then shared through a QR code on your mobile phone for easy online sharing on your favorite social media channels. The video’s move both in slow motion and fast-forward and you can add your own design to the videoframe and a soundtrack!

    The Volkswagen photobooth bus

    A classic in its own right! The Volkswagen photobooth bus is great for any vintage themed party! The volkswagen bus has a photobooth installed and works similar as a standard fotobooth. They look beautiful and are great for outdoor type events and are stars when it comes to attracting attention! A great choice for any type of outdoor wedding or corporate event which needs some serious marketing power!

    The caravan photobooth 

    Probably unique in the Netherlands and definitely a very local type of photobooth: inside the caravan either a photographer or a photobooth is installed and takes pictures like a regular photobooth. The caravan photo booth is a nice addition for a festival or conference or other corporate event or open air event! We have several on the side in different regions of the Netherlands, which means one is always relatively near by!

    caravan photobooth huren

    Mobile or roaming photographers

    A roaming photobooth, mobile photographer or event photographer is a great addition to your event and ensures nothing happens which isn’t recorded! The great thing is that most have a mobile printing station, which means the pictures will immediately be printed; some even print on magnet, how cool is that?

    The GIF booth

    Animated GIF’s or going viral all the time on social media like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and it is easy to see why! They grab your attention and they’re funny! The GIF photobooth works by taking a number of shots in rapid succession: it then shows the shots in an infinite loop, which creates the illusion of movement as in a movie. The animated GIF photobooth is great for parties! There are now also 3D GIF photobooth in the Netherlands to hire and get the real bullet-time / Matrix effect on your party!

    The greenscreen photobooth

    With a greenscreen photobooth or mobile chromakey studio, you stand in front of a green screen, when your picture is taken. Afterwards, the computer automatically removes the green background and replaces it with any digital image of your choice, making it as if you are on the beach, on the moon, in a car, in a movie, a tropical island, or basically anything you can think of and have a picture of!

    greenscreen achtergrond hengelo

    The photobooth without printer

    You don;t care to much about having prints or you are lreally looking for a cheap photobooth because you are on a shoestring budget? There are photobooths without printer, which are the most affordable option you can find, with prices slightly below the €200! Typically this is an DIY option, which means without host or props, but you will receive afterwards all the pictures that were taken at your event digitally. Also, most of these booths are rented for the whole day / evening / night, which means no limitations regarding the number of people that can use the photobooth or the timing!

    XL Marquee light letters with LED lightning

    The Marquee letters with LED lightning have become increasingly popular over the past few years, not just at weddings, but also company parties, expo’s, event marketing, birthdays and baby showers, gender reveal parties, birth celebrations and corporate campaigns. They are quickly sold out as you need to have availability for every letter to be able to rent them for your preferred word. Most popular are:

    • MARRY ME
    • BAR
    • YES I DO
    • LOVE
    • MR&MRS (or MR&MR / MRS&MRS 🙂 )
    • and all life’s other milestone: 16, 18, 21, 30, 40 , 50, 60, 65 etc.

    (Social media) foto frames

    Another great accessory to increase the photo fun are the picture frames or social media frames. Both the custom ones, as well as the ones that are inspired by various types of social media can be fully customised, for example with your (user)name, location, date, views, likes, comments, shares, profile picture, status update etc. These can be made in many different social media templates, such as

    • Facebook
    • Tinder
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Youtube
    • SnapChat
    WhatsApp WhatsApp Mark!